Bowie Alive until 2030

Bowie Alive Until 2030

What would happened to David Bowie if he still live? The bio, music and faces of Bowie in a stunning facial timeline from 1964 to

ABC Joins us at Carinda Festival

34 years ago, the tiny NSW outback town of Carinda became the setting of the now-iconic video for the hit song ‘Let’s Dance’. Last year,

A rock star walks into a bar in Carinda

Coonamble Times writes up the forthcoming concert in Carinda featuring Jeff Duff’s Bowie Unzipped, NSW where David Bowie shot the Let’s Dance video in 1983.

Let's Dance Carinda

Let’s Dance Carinda

It was 1983 when David Bowie travelled to the tiny NSW outback town of Carinda to film his now iconic video for “Let’s Dance” in

Jeff Duff

One on One

Jeff Duff is a flamboyant and controversial entertainer, whose career bloomed in London alongside some of rock music’s greatest stars. Known for his successful David

Bowie Festival

National Bowie Festival Underway!

The inaugural National Bowie Festival 2017 is now underway with shows selling out fast! The opening night at Sydney’s The Basement was a fantastic show

Jeff Duff

The Australian

The Duff with the Smooth…The will to shock has always been a stock-in-trade for this daring performer. An interview with Jeff Duff.