It was 1983 when David Bowie travelled to the tiny NSW outback town of Carinda to film his now iconic video for “Let’s Dance” in the Carinda Hotel. The town celebrates this link to rock n roll history by throwing an annual festival, ‘Let’s Dance Carinda’ over the October long weekend.

There will be plenty of other entertainment over the weekend including local music acts, arts activities, camping, workshops, food & bar, kids entertainment and much more! We hope to see you there!

Coonamble Times writes up the forthcoming concert in Carinda, NSW where David Bowie shot the Let’s Dance video in 1983.

It was 1983 when David Bowie travelled to the tiny NSW outback town of Carinda to film his now iconic video for “Let’s Dance” in the Carinda Hotel. The Australian video for the smash worldwide hit proved the perfect companion for the ground breaking song. The added bonus of the scenes filmed in Carinda and the Warrumbungle National Park created the magical backdrop for what many regard as Bowie’s most distinctive and powerful video.

Since that date, the pub has become a mecca for Bowie fans from all over the world, looking to stand and be photographed in the same spot where Bowie filmed his video. The town itself has now embraced this historic connection and hosts the annual “Let’s Dance Carinda” festival paying tribute to David Bowie and his remarkable music legacy. This year the festival will feature the evergreen Jeff Duff and his band, playing both at the Carinda Showground on Saturday 30th September as well as a reenactment of the famous video in the Carinda Hotel on the Sunday. Jeff explains:

I’m honoured to be following in Bowie’s footsteps to outback Carinda in NSW –  the wonderfully remote outpost where Bowie spotlighted the plight of indigenous Australians in his iconic video for ‘Let’s Dance’. I’ve been a passionate Bowie disciple most of my life and plan on doing whatever I can to to keep the great mans legacy alive!

With a population of around forty, Carinda is about three hours drive from Dubbo and its remoteness certainly appeals to the more adventurous visitor. If you are planning to come to the festival there’s plenty of camping space at the local showground and lots of cold beer and drinks at the only pub for miles around. For city slickers it’s a real chance to get a taste of the outback with the added attraction of local bands, activities for both young and old and even a Bowie ‘Look-A-Like Competition’ plus lashings of country hospitality. Carinda would love to see you there!


The “David Bowie thing” has defined Jeff Duff’s career in most people’s minds. He’s the Thin Aussie Duke, Sydney’s Major Tom, the Ziggy Stardust of Elizabeth Bay, the man who’s done a million Bowie tribute shows.

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