Bowie Alive Until 2030

Bowie Alive until 2030

What would happened to David Bowie if he still live? The bio, music and faces of Bowie in a stunning facial timeline from 1964 to 2030. From the reality (early albums, the international success, Ziggy Stardust and other characters, interviews, documentary, the last years…), to imagination. Trying to be realistic and respectful to the artist. […]

Let’s Dance Carinda 2018, It’s On Again!

Let's Dance Carinda

It was 1983 when David Bowie traveled to the tiny NSW outback town of Carinda to film his now iconic video for “Let’s Dance” in the Carinda Hotel. The town celebrates this link to rock n roll history by throwing an annual festival, ‘Let’s Dance Carinda’ over the October long weekend featuring Jeff Duff’s Bowie […]

ABC Joins us at Carinda Festival

34 years ago, the tiny NSW outback town of Carinda became the setting of the now-iconic video for the hit song ‘Let’s Dance’. Last year, the world lost David Bowie, but Carinda has been celebrating the rock legend’s life and music at a weekend festival. Lateline’s Ginny Stein and Simon Smithers produced this report. Click […]

A rock star walks into a bar in Carinda

Coonamble Times writes up the forthcoming concert in Carinda featuring Jeff Duff’s Bowie Unzipped, NSW where David Bowie shot the Let’s Dance video in 1983.

Let’s Dance Carinda

Let's Dance Carinda

It was 1983 when David Bowie travelled to the tiny NSW outback town of Carinda to film his now iconic video for “Let’s Dance” in the Carinda Hotel. The Australian video for the smash worldwide hit proved the perfect companion for the ground breaking song. The added bonus of the scenes filmed in Carinda and […]

One on One

Jeff Duff

Jeff Duff is a flamboyant and controversial entertainer, whose career bloomed in London alongside some of rock music’s greatest stars. Known for his successful David Bowie tribute act, Duff insists he’s very much his own man. Watch Full Interview

Sydney Rock Icon Jeff Duff To Relive The Wild Years

Jeff Duff

The “David Bowie thing” has defined Jeff Duff’s career in most people’s minds. He’s the Thin Aussie Duke, Sydney’s Major Tom, the Ziggy Stardust of Elizabeth Bay, the man who’s done a million Bowie tribute shows. Read Full Article

National Bowie Festival Underway!

Bowie Festival

The inaugural National Bowie Festival 2017 is now underway with shows selling out fast! The opening night at Sydney’s The Basement was a fantastic show with a huge sound and fabulous audience! Some tickets are still available for some of the shows on the tour so check out our Shows Page and get your tickets now!

The Australian

Jeff Duff

The Duff with the Smooth…The will to shock has always been a stock-in-trade for this daring performer. An interview with Jeff Duff.

Gay News Network Interviews Jeff Duff

Jeff Duff

Bowie fans are in for a treat as glitter rock aficionado Jeff Duff presents his Melt festival show, Bowie Unzipped. He spoke with Andrew Shaw. Read Full Article