Guitar & Vocals

Jak Housden

He has played guitar since he was about 10-years-old. He joined his first professional band, Show of Hands when he was just 16 years old. Jak was the guitarist for The Badloves before becoming a full-time guitarist for The Whitlams for the release of Torch the Moon in 2002. Before this Whitlams release however, Jak made an appearance on the 2000 album Love This City. Housden released a solo album Mad About Disco in 2004 through Boffin Records, which spawned his first single “To Die For”.


On his album, Jak demonstrated his many musical talents and varied his musical instruments to an assortment of things such as guitar, bass, roland synthesizer, drums, electronic harpsichord, cheese machine, shaker, cowbell, cabassa, tambourine, wobble bass, mellotron, Yamaha organ, Wurlitizer electric piano, fuzz bass, and the Casio keyboard submarine sound.